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Kosterin Alexey Mikhailovich (1929 - 2000)  Click to play

Alexey Mikhailovich Kosterin was a miniature artist, born in the village of Kholuy in 1929. Upon graduating from the Kholuy Art School (1943-1947), he was enrolled at the Kholuy Lacquer Miniature Factory. He later became the factory's artistic director from 1959-1960, and worked as an instructor at the Kholuy Art School from 1964 on. This master artist passed away in 2000.

Kosterin became a member of the RSFSR Artists' Union in 1964. His major works include "Gypsies" (1948), "Demon (1965), "Devils" (1962), "At the Pike's Bidding" (1962), "Volga and Mikula" (1962), "Three Palms" (1963), "The Flying Carpet" (1964), "The Jumbo Whale" (1965), "Boris Godunov" (1966), "Freemen" (1966), "Bogatyr Sukhman" (1967), and "Igor's Campaign" (1982).

The artist is mentioned and/or has his works featured in many lacquer art books, including:

Soloviova L. N., 1991, "Kholuy Lacquered Miniatures", INTERBOOK, Moscow, 5-7664-0696-7

--Biographical data
--"The Jumbo Whale" (1965)
--"The Legend of Borok" (1984)

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--"Ilya of Murom" (1963)
--"Song of Oleg's Prophesy" (1965)
--"The Monster Whale" (1965)
--"Tsarevna the Frog" (1967)
--"The Legend of Borok" (1984)

Maxym L., 1997, "Russian Lacquer, Legends, and Fairytales", Corners of the World Inc., 855F Conklin Street, Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735, ISBN 0 940202-01-8

--Kosterin's name is mentioned on page 79

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Guliayev V., 1989, "RUSSIAN LACQUERED MINIATURES", AURORA ART PUBLISHERS, Leningrad, 5-7300-0017-0

--"The Legend of Borok" (1984)
--"Song of Wise Oleg" (1967)
--"Ivanushka" (1967)
--"Boris Godunov" (1966)

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