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Kosterin Konstantin Vasiliyevich (1899 - 1985)  Click to play

Konstantin Kosterin lived from 1899-1985. Born in Kholuy, he first finised a village school and then entered the Kholuy Icon Painting School which he completed in 1913. Kosterin then worked at the Terentiev workshop as an icon painter.

Following the October Revolution, he became one of the founders of Kholuy lacquer miniature painting, and was one of the early members of the Kholuy Art Artel. He worked at the Kholuy Lacquer Miniature Factory from 1932 on, and taught at the apprentice team school (1935) as well as at the Kholuy Art Artel (1943-1963).

Kosterin was a member of the RSFSR Artists' Union since 1934. He acted as chairman of the Kholuy Folk Art Museum from 1959, and was winner of the bronze medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1937. Kosterin's major works include "Fruit Gathering" (1933), "Defensive Power" (1934), "At a Resort" (1935), "Collective Farm Feast" (1935), "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" (1943), "Yermark" (1943), "The Song of Kholuy" (1957), and "Landscape" (1962).

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