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Kosterin Vladimir Alexandrovich (1938 - ...)  Click to play

Vladimir Kosterin was born in Kholuy in 1938. Under the instruction of V.D. Puzanov-Molev, V.A. Belov and K.V. Kosterin he completed the Kholuy Art School in 1962. He worked at the Kholuy Lacquer Miniature Factory from 1961-1963. He then left to study architecture, in which he earned a degree from the Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute in 1968. He then worked as an architect from 1968-1984. A member of teh Ukrainian Union of Artits' Art Foundation from 1984-1991.

Kosterin then became the director of the Kholuy Arts and Crafts Center from 1991-2000. He has participated in exhibitions since 1957, and his major miniature works include "The Tale of Vasilisa the Beautiful" (1957), "Dancing" (1957), Machinegun Cart" (1989), Taras Shevchenko" (1990).

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