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Kuklin Andrey Alexandrovich (1963 - ...)  Click to play

Andrei Alexander Kuklin was born in 1963 in the city of Yuzha in the Ivanov region, where today he lives and works as a lacquer miniature artist. In 1987 finished the Kholuy Art School where he studied under N.N. Denisov, B.I. Kiselev, and P.A. Mityashin. His works have been a part of lacquer miniature exhibits in Poland and France.

He paints with egg-tempera paint in the Kholuy iconographic style of painting. The themes for his pieces include historical events, bylini tales, stories, and folklore. He considers one of the most important elements in his work to be the conveyance of the theme in his painting. When beginning a new painting he figures out all his goals and what he would like to achieve in this new composition. He never considers his work to be complete, because he thinks that something can always be added to make the piece look richer or more refined. The colors he chooses to work with are very inspiring and beautiful; all of which depends on the theme for the scene that he will be painting.

His works distinguish themselves by their coloring and his ultra-technical painting. He thinks that his works will be remembered for their detailed drawings, thematic content, and color usage. In his free time he likes to fix, make, and reupholster antique furniture. To all the collectors of his art he wishes good health and the joy and happiness that come from collecting lacquer art.

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