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Kuklina Olga Leonidovna (1966 - ...)  Click to play

Olga Leonidovna Kuklina was born in 1966 in the town of Yuzha, where she lives and works as a lacquer miniature artist. She graduated from the Kholuy art school in 1987 where she studied under the likes of N.N. Denisov, B.I. Kiselov, and P.A. Mityashin. Her works have been a part of exhibitions in Poland and France.

She paints in the Kholuy style of painting and uses egg-tempera paint as the primary medium for her pieces. The themes of her paintings include historical events and fairy tales. An important part of her painting is the way in which she conveys the theme in her rendering of the composition. When starting a new piece she thinks of the goals that she would like to accomplish during painting and before finishing the piece. The palette that she uses largely depends on the theme that she is painting and how the spectrum of colors that she uses conveys the theme. Her paintings distinguish themselves by the coloring in the composition and how technical they are.

Olga hopes that her works will be remembered for their exacting drawings, intricacy, conveyance of theme, and paint and color usage. In her spare time Olga enjoys knitting the old fashion way, with yarn, needles and a thimble. She wishes that the collectors of her art got joy and happiness from enjoying her art.

Olga near the gates of her house
Olga near the gates of her house.

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