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Kurnikova Tatyana Alexandrovna (1969 - ...)  Click to play

Kurnikova Tatyana Alexandrovna was born in 1969 in Uzhur located in the Krasnodarsky region. Now she resides in Shuya in the Ivanovskaya region.

In 1988 Kurnikova graduated from the Kholuy Art School under Sedov.
Her author works are:
"Princess frog",
"North motifs",
"Lyric themes" and many others.
Tatyana paints in the traditional style of Kholuy lacquer miniature. She uses egg-tempera paint.

Her favorite subjects are fairy-tales, lyric themes, North themes and many others. Kurnikova prefers to work with bright and mellow colors.
Tatyana considers color, themes and form to be the most important elements in her work. Beginning a new piece she always wants to create a qualified painting.

Tatyana Kurnikova is fond of computers.

Tatyana wishes good health to all her admires.

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