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Maklanova Olga Nikolaevna (1955 - ...)  Click to play

Maklakova Olga Nikolaevna was born on July 17, 1955 in the town of Yuzha, Ivanovo Region, where she resides at present.

In 1976 the artist finished the Kholuy Art School where she studied under Turunov I.I., Babarkin V.P., Bugaev V.P. and Semenov A.I. Her diploma work was a composition entitled “Snowmaiden”.

At present Olga Nikolaevna works at the Kholuy Craft Workshops.

The artist paints in the style of Kholuy lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. She prefers to depict in her compositions themes of fairy-tales.

Olga Nikolaevna thinks her artworks are notable owing to expressiveness of depicted images. She prefers to use in painting complex, cold tones.

The artist finishes work on a composition, when she is fully satisfied with the final result and a drawing gladdens the eye. She can’t say how long it takes her to paint a composition; everything depends on a box size and a subject’s complexity.

Works by the famous Kholuy artists Baburin, Denisov, Mityashin and Kiselev had a great influence on O.N. Maklakova’s creative work.

In her free time Olga Nikolaevna likes to read, take a stroll in the forest, work in her garden, and travel.

The artist wishes to all people who acquire goods of Kholuy lacquered miniature: “the art Kholuy lacquered miniature is wonderful, it would be splendid if everyone had a box painted by Kholuy masters in his collection”.

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