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Milushina Tatiana Leonidovna (1958)

Tatyana Leonidovna Milyushina was born in 1958 in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, in the Mari-El Autonomous Republic.
The artist finished the Moscow Arts and Crafts School in 1978. Her graduation project at the school was the composition “"Overseas Guest".
Then she continued her education at the National Cinema Institute and graduated from it in 1988. Her teachers were T.N. Tikhonova, P.E. Frolov, A.E. Khitrov, V.V. Kurchevsky, N.N. Tretyakov, V.A. Belov. Her graduation project was the composition “The Lay of Igor's Campaign".
From 1978 until 1982, and again since 1987, Tatyana has worked at the Kholui Lacquer Miniature Factory, and has participated in various exhibitions since 1980.
Tatiana Milyushina is a member of the Union of Artists. She is rewarded with a bronze medal of the Academy of Arts and also with a silver medal won at the Exhibition of National Achievements.
Works by Milyushina are exhibited in the Kholuy Art Museum, in the Museum of Kholuy Craft Workshops, in the State Historical Museum, in the Folk Art Museum and in the All-Russia Museum of Decorative Applied and Folk Art.
At present the artist works in the Kholui Craft Workshops, in the film studio and paints at home. She is also engaged in restoration work and teaches at the Kholui Art School.
Tatyana paints her works in the traditions of Kholui lacquered miniature using mostly tempera paints and sometimes she applies in painting water colors and oil paints. Her favorite themes to depict are historical subjects, genre scenes, fairy-tales, portraits, Russian traditional dress, bylinas and landscapes. Most of all she is interested in depicting historical subjects.
While working on a lacquered miniature, the artist tries to achieve picturesque expression of a chosen theme by means of details and symbols. Finishes working, after decorating a box with intricate ornaments.
TheArtist uses in painting her personal technical methods. Depending on a chosen theme, she chooses coloring for her compositions.
The artist supposes her works are notable for peculiar style of painting.
Painting of XVII century, Byzantine icon painting, works by I. Bilibin, V. Vasnetsov, A. Vasnetsov and N. Nesterov had a great influence on the artist’s creativity.
Tatyana wishes to all admirers of the art of Russian lacquer artistry to find pleasure in contemplating works of art.

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