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Mityashin Piotr Andreevich (1948 - ...)  Click to play

Piotr Mityashin is a miniature artist, born in the village of Bolshiye Algashi, located in the Chuvash Autonomous Republic. After graduating from the Kholuy Art School in 1971 (where his teachers were A.M. Kosterin and V.A. Krotov), he joined the Kholuy Lacquer Miniature Factory as an artist, and later became a member of the RSFSR Artists' Union.

His major works include "The Lay of Igor's Campaign" (1979), "Anti-Illiteracy Drive" (1981), "The Partisans of 1812"(1982), and "The Cove" (1988).

Mityashin and his wife
Mityashin and his wife

Biographical information taken from: Soloviova L. N., 1991, "KHOLUY LACQUERED MINIATURES", INTERBOOK, Moscow, 5-7664-0696-7

Other works featured in the above reference include "The Duel" (1981), "Matyusha Pepelni" (1972), and "Mikhail Vrubel" (1989).

His compositions are also featured in Anatoly Kamorin's book Kholuy Lacquered Miniatures:
"Meeting Mizgir" (1975), "The Duel" (1981), "Mikhail Vrubel" (1989), "Trinity Sunday" (1992), and "Mermaid" (1993).

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