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Lev Leonidovich Nikonov

Born in the town of Yurovets in Ivanovo region. Now he lives in the village of Kholuy. In 1985 Lev Leonidovich graduated from the Kholuy Art School, where he studied under L.I. Kolchanova, M.N. Gunin, A.I. Semionov, and L.M. Zhivnostka.

Nikonov works in the traditions of Kholuy lacquered miniature art, using tempera paints. The master is interested in representation of hunting scenes. In 1986 Nikonov began to create only author works, and most of them were awarded degrees at exhibitions.

The most important aim for the author is to fully uncover a chosen theme and to create original decoration. As an artist, starting a new piece, Lev aspires to reproduce one or other humor, state of the weather. Work on a miniature is done for him, when he attains appointed goals.

The painter prefers to use restrained, muffled colors, ochre, and green tints. As many of painters, he has his personal techniques in art; these are peculiarity of decor, extraordinary of drawing and other. As the master says his works have not analogues, so it is very easy to distinguish them from pieces of other authors. Nikonov considers people will appreciate themes, execution, colors and paints of his creative works.

In his spare time Lev likes to go hinting or fishing, to do wood carving and to work as a carpenter. He wishes admirers of his artwork health, happiness, and good luck.

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