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Nosova Yelena Pavlovna (1975 - ...)  Click to play

Nosova Elena Pavlovna was born in 1975 in the village of Kholuy where she resides nowdays.

Nosova studied at the Kholuy Art School. Her teacher was P.A. Mitiashin.

The artist uses egg-tempera paints and works in the traditional style of Kholuy lacquer miniature.

At present Elena Pavlovna works at the Kholuy factory. Her favorite themes to paint are fairy tales.

Nosova thinks that it is very important to express the subject in her artworks and precisely transmit images of the depicted characters. She supposes the work to be finished if there is nothing to add and the painting is brought to perfection.

The artist prefers to work with delicate and bright colors. She considers that the paintings of her teacher P.A. Mitiashin influenced her creative work.

The pieces by Elena Pavlovna Nosova are notable for interesting subjects, qualitative execution and individual style.

In her spare time Nosova likes to read books trying to find new subjects and images.

The artist thanks her admires for acquisition of her artworks.

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