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Pakina Yelena Mikhailovna (1966 - ...)  Click to play

Elena Mikhailovna Pakina was born in 1966 in the city of Sevastopol in the Crimea (Ukraine). She has completed the Kholuy Art School, where her teacher was L.I. Kolganova. She is primarily interested in fairytale themes in her work. She considers the depiction of the figures, particularly faces, to be the important facet of her works.

When beginning a new work, her goal is to paint something that will bring joy to the beholder. She prefers to work in soft, bright tones, such as light blue and pink.

Elena says that her works should stand out for the precision of the drawing, as well as the colors, paints, and overall execution. In her free time, she likes to grow and arrange flowers, and she loves animals.

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