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Papilov Vasiliy Slavievich (1967 - 1999)  Click to play

Vasiliy Slavievich Papilov was born in 1967 in the town of Shuya of the Vladimir region. He attended the Kholuy art School where he studied under V.A. Belov and and V.M. Gurilyeov before graduating in 1992. His graduation work was entitled "Viy",which was based on a Ukrainian story by N.V. Gogol about witchcraft and the undead. Papilov's most known works are "Summer Fairy" (1997) and "Vasilisa the Beautiful" (1998). This artist was primarily interested in the theme of folk tales. Her especially enjoyed painting the heroes of fairy tales. Papilov considered a piece finished when he liked it himself.

All works by this artist reflect his love for life. His collectors appreciate his execution of color and the theme of his artwork.

In his spare time, Papilov liked to read books. He wished all the best to his collectors. Note:

This information was obtained recently through other artist in their memory of Papilov. We are sad to report he died June 5th, 1999 in the village of Kholuy in a car accident near Kholuy's Central Cathedral. The accident involved a truck. Sadly, Papilov was under the influence of alcohol.

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