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Pechkin Nikolay Mikhailovich (1976 - ...)  Click to play

Pechkin Nikolay Mikhailovich

Pechkin Nikolay Mikhailovich was born in 1976 in the town of Rostov. At present he currently lives in the village of Kholuy.

In 1996 the artist graduated from the Kholuy Art School where he apprenticed for Makarychev V.A., Pechkin M.B. and Mitiashin P.A.

N.M. Pechkin's author work is entitled "Lordly hunting" (1996).

The artist took part in the competitive exhibition "Young Talents".

Nikolay Mikhailovich paints in the traditional style of Kholuy lacquer miniature and uses egg-tempera as the medium for the painting he does. He is interested in depicting themes of Russian fairy-tales, hunting and folklore scenes, Russian folk songs, landscapes and genre scenes.

The master supposes the most important elements in his artworks are thinness of painting, mildness, lyricism and compositional structure.

When approaching a new topic to paint he intends to achieve richness of content of the future image without resorting to "open symbols". Considers his work on a composition to be finished when all his artistic ideas and tasks are realized.

Nikolay Mikhailovich constantly experiments with colors and tries to apply in painting his personal technique.

The artist thinks his artworks are recognizable by peculiar technique of painting and original execution. According to his opinion, people will appreciate in his compositions thinness and precision of painting, interesting themes, color treatment and peculiar execution.

In his free time Nikolay Mikhailovich likes to fish, hunt and read.

N.M. Pechkin wishes to admires of his creative work "luck in everything".

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