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Polyanina Marina Nikolaevna (1968 - ...)  Click to play

Polianina Marina Nikolaevna was born on October 15, 1968 in the town of Novocheboksarsk situated in Chuvashiya.

At present Polianina lives in the village of Kholuy located in the Ivanov region.

In 1992 the artist graduated from the Kholuy Art School where she studied under Y.I. Kuznetsova, M.B. Pechkin, A.I. Semenov, Serkina T.A. and L.L. Nikonov.

Polianina's original master works are:
"Magic raven" (1992),
"Masha and the Bear" (1998) - 2 variations,
"In the edge of a wood" (1999),
"Geese and Swans" (1999),
"Underwater realm" (1999) and many others.

The artist paints in the traditional Stroganovsky style and works with egg-tempera paints.

Her favorite themes to depict are fairy-tales, architecture, lyric poetry, rites and traditional feasts of Russia.

Marina Nikolaevna considers harmony of coloring to be the most important element in her works.

Beginning to work, the artist intends to paint a composition to the best of her abilities. She thinks a composition is finished when she has been able to express the theme completely and when color treatment of a piece corresponds to artistic ideas.

Polianina always tries to express a plot of a fairy-tale in a new fashion and to show her own vision of it.

She prefers to use in her work cold pastel tones and gold paint.

Polianina's works are notable for vivid painting and color treatment, interesting subjects, subtle graphic technique, original drawing of human faces and figures.

In her spare time Marina Nikolaevna likes to sew, travel and to decorate her house.

Polianina wishes to her admires to love Russia, its traditions and folk arts.

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