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Poturayko Vladimir Vladimirovich (1965 - ...)  Click to play

Larisa Boleslavana Poturayko (born in 1969) and Vladimir Vladimirovich Poturayko (born 1965) are a husband and wife team, who paint together in Kholuy, but plan to soon reside in St. Petersburg. They both graduated from the Kholuy Art School four years apart; Larisa in '92 and Vladimir in '88. Incidentally, they both studied under the same teachers: Nikonov, and Baburin.

This is an extremely talented young couple. The Poturaykos love to paint themes of western fairy-tales, architectural scenes, and tempera portraits. Their work is based on their taste and knowledge of art.

They have a distinctive, untraditional flavor to their artwork. Their painting techniques are very unusual in that it resembles story book illustrations more than iconographic style lacquer art. They paint the faces of their characters to look three dimensional and in a three quarters view, which is unlike anyone else at Kholuy. Also, the inclusion of crushed mother-of-pearl to the tradition of Kholuy is their own adaptation.

They approach their work with honesty and with an open mind. Also, unique to their work is the lack of symmetry in their compositions. The Poturayko's always seem to strike the right balance between too simple and too ornate. The ornamentation and filigree pattern is the most time consuming part of the process, since they paint the gold in layers, and incorporate color patterns and figures into the filigree designs.

In their spare time, the couple enjoys spending time with their daughter. They like to draw and go skiing. They wish continued interest in miniature painting for their collectors.

Larisa at work

Larisa Poturayko at work.

Family Picture

Poturayko family.

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