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Safarov Nikolay Anatolievich (1977 - ...)  Click to play

Safarov Nikolay Anatolievich was born on May 19, 1977 in the village of Kholuy, Ivanovo Region.

In 2000 Nikolay Anatolievich finished the Kholuy Art School. His teacher was Yolkin Victor Alexandrovich.

N.A. Safarov's original works include:

1. "Ermak" (2000);
2. "Shrovetide".

The artist paints in the Kholuy tradition of fine arts, using tempera paints. He likes to depict in his compositions fairy-tale subjects.

Nikolay Anatolievich supposes that clearness of image is very important in painting. Beginning to work, he intends to paint a new miniature better than previous one. Finishes working, when any additional detail is unnecessary.

Nikolay Anatolievich applies in painting a wide spectrum of colors in order to achieve life like depiction. He also applies in painting his personal artistic technique that is why his compositions are easily recognizable.

The artist thinks that people will remember his works owing to original style, fineness and clearness of painting.

Nikolay Anatolievich hasn't any relatives engaged in painting. He decided to be an artist in his childhood when he saw a lacquered miniature in the museum.

In his free time Nikolay Anatolievich likes to read and watch TV.

The artist wishes to the admires of his creative work luck and, certainly, he wants them to buy his works more.

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