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Vladimir Nikolaevich Serov

Born in 1952 in the town of Yuzha in Ivanovo region, where he currently resides.

In 1971 Serov finished the Kholuy Art School, where his teachers were N.V. Starikov, A.M. Kosterin, and A.A. Semionov. Vladimir paints in the traditions of Kholuy icon-painting school, using tempera art technique. The master is interested in depicting historical subjects.

Some of his author works' titles are "In the Kremlin, on Ivanovskaya Square" (1988), "Command of Peter I" (1999), "The Russian State" (1998), "The Creation of Peter" (1999). Vladimir has won many awards and medals, he has also been awarded Lenin Comsomol prize.

Creating a piece, the artist tries to choose colors that are in keeping with its theme and form. Work on a miniature is done for him, when he feels it. Composition and its correctness are the most important aspects of Vladimir's creative work. As a painter, upon starting a new miniature, Serov strives for increasing mastery level and improving his technique of work execution.

Vladimir, as most of the painters, has his own art techniques. One can distinguish his pieces from others by subtlety of inner life. The master believes that connoisseurs of lacquered miniature art will remember detailed painting, accuracy of drawings, themes, colors, and paints of his pieces.

In free time the artist likes to enjoy his life.

Vladimir wishes admirers of his art to think more.

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