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Sheronova Svetlana Victorovna (1970 - ...)  Click to play

Sheronova Svetlana Viktorovna was born on December 17, 1970 in the village of Koptevo, Ivanovo region and at present lives in the village of Kholuy.

In 1990 the artist graduated from the Kholuy Art School where she studied under Fiskov V.T. and Pechkin M.B. Her diploma work was a composition entitled "Stone Flower".

Svetlana Viktorovna paints in old Kholuy traditions, using tempera paints. She likes to represent the scenes of Russian fairy-tales and winter landscapes.

The artist considers expression of a chosen theme to be the most important element in her pieces.

Beginning to work, Svetlana Viktorovna intends to paint a composition at the highest professional level. She thinks a lacquer box is finished when there is nothing to add and the painter likes it.

Svetlana Viktorovna prefers to use in painting green, blue and other cold tones. Her miniatures notable for peculiar painting technique.

The artist thinks it is easy to remember thinness and precision of her drawings as well as their colors and paints.

Works by the famous Kholuy artists S.B. Deviatkin and S.D. Zakharov had a great influence on S.V. Sheronova's creative work.

In her spare time Svetlana Viktorovna likes to keep house and rest in the countryside.

She wishes happiness and prosperity to admirers of fine arts.

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