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Smirnov Mikhail Sergeevich (1973 - ...)  Click to play

Smirnov was born in the village of Kholuy, the region of Ivanovo, in 1973, where he currently resides. Graduated from the Kholuy Art School in 1996. His teachers were such remarkable artists as V. T. Fiskov, A. I. Semenov, M. B. Pechkin. Among his best works are: "Gossipy wife" (1996), "Send-off for the Bogatyr" (1997) and others.

The artist uses egg tempera paints. Smirnov's art reflects his interest in historical themes. He considers decorating with an ornament design one of the most important parts of his work.

He considers a piece done, when his work is appealing and pleasing to the eye. With each new piece that he begins, his intent is to enhance his techniques. Michail prefers soft and warm color palette, ochre tones. Smirnov, as any original painter, has his own arsenal of unique painting techniques.

His works are easily recognizable among others by his original style and unique painting techniques. The artist considers that his pieces should be memorable for its color palette and originality of painting.

In his free time, he enjoys to be with friends. To collectors of his artwork, he wishes real satisfaction of acquired miniatures.

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