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Smirnova Anastasia Alexandrovna (1980)  Click to play

Smirnova Anastasia Alexandrovna was born in 1980 in the village of Kholui, where she resides at present.
In 2000 the artist finished the Kholui Art School. Her teachers were Yolkin V.A., Pechkin M.V. and Bezina I.A. The graduation project of Smirnova A.A. was the Sergiev Posad Easter egg “Trinity” (copy of the famous Rublev’s icon “Trinity”).
The creative works of Smirnova A.A. are “The Tale of the Sleeping Princess and Seven Bogatyrs” and “Winter Games”.
The favorite work of Smirnova is the Icon “The Last Royal Family. Holy Martyrs” which was displayed in the art exhibition in Spain.
Smirnova A.A. is a laureate of the Gifted Youth Art Competition and also the Kholui Art School rewarded her with the E.A. Zarin Award.
Now the artist works at home.
Anastasia paints her works in the traditions of Kholui lacquered miniature using tempera paints. Aside from working in the lacquer miniature field, she has the ability of a master icon painter. She also takes a great interest in Russian Art and Ancient Russian painting.
The artist thinks that the most important element in her works is compositional decision that determines the final outcome of the work. She prefers to use in painting ochre and pastel tones but in general choice of color depends on a theme. It usually takes her 3 weeks to finish working on a lacquered miniature but such factors as a chosen theme and what kind of work is it a creative work or a copy (creative work requires more time) should be taken into account.
Works by Smirnov A.A. (the artist’s father), Fomin V.I. (the artist’s uncle) and also famous Russian painter Shishkin I.I. had a great influence on the artist’s creativity. Eagerness to paint she inherited from her father, mother and uncle, that is why choice of her profession wasn’t accidental.
In her free time Anastasia likes going dancing, cross-country skiing, and reading literature on art history and theory.
To all enthusiast of lacquered miniature painting the artist wishes health and wealth.

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