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Teplov Sergey Vyacheslavovich (1952)  Click to play

Teplov Sergey Vyacheslavovich was born in 1952 in the town of Kohma, Ivanovo Region, where he resides at present.
In 1977 the artist finished the Ivanovo Art School. His teachers were Bakharev Valery Mikhailovich and Belov Vladimir Andreevich. His Diploma work included sketches to a theatrical performance.
At present the artist works at the Kholui Craft Workshops. He paints in the style of Kholui lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Themes of his works are architectural landscape and monuments.
Works by Teplov are exhibited in the Kholuy Museum of miniature painting, the Ivanovo Region Art Museum and the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art and also in private collections.
Sergey thinks that artistic image is the most important element in a lacquered miniature. Beginning to paint, he intends to create a composition that will be more interesting than all previous ones. Finishes painting, if he feels the further work worsens a composition.
The artist prefers to paint his works in warm colors. On the average it takes him 2-3 weeks to paint a composition.
Teplov supposes his works are easily recognizable owing to original themes and combination of decorative and painting techniques in a landscape.
Works by Serov V.A., Belov V.A. and Baburin N.I. had a great influence on the artist's painting.
In his free time Sergey likes to read, paint water-colors and travel.
The artist wishes to all collectors of lacquer miniature painting to amass a good collection of boxes with a depiction of monuments of Russian architecture.

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