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Tyutina Victoria Alexandrovna (1973 - ...)  Click to play

Currently resides in San Diego, California. Married to Russian Sunbirds Manager - Paul Tyutin in January 2001. Click here to see the weddding picture!

Shatokhina Vita Alexandrovna

Shatokhina Vita Alexandrovna was born in 1973 in the town of Kharkov situated in Ukraine. For 25 years, the artist lived in the village of Kholuy, Ivanovo Region.

In 1995 Vita Alexandrovna graduated from the Kholuy Art School with a diploma. Her teachers were outstanding Kholuy artists Fiskov and Zhivnostka. Vita's diploma work was entitled "Snowmaiden".

This artist works at the Kholuy factory of miniature art and also freelance. She has also proliferate in icon restoration.

Vita Alexandrovna paints in the Kholuy tradition of lacquer miniature art and uses tempera paint as her medium of choice. She is also able to use oil paints.

The painter is most interested in painting of fairy-tale subjects.

She prefers to paint her compositions in cold tones applying traditional methods of Kholuy lacquered miniature.

Creative work of such well-known masters as Mityashin, Kopienko and Deviatkin had influence on her artwork.

Vita Alexandrovna believes that her pieces will be remembered for their colors, themes, mastery of execution, detailed and clear painting and original shapes of her boxes.

In her free time Vita enjoys watching movies and socializing with friends.

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