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Veselov Viktor Mikhailovich (1956)

Veselov Victor Mikhailovich was born in 1956 in the village of Svobodnoye, Gorky Region. Now he resides in the village of Kholui, Ivanovo Region.
In 1977 the artist has finished the Kholui Art School . His Diploma work was a composition “Boris Godunov” (by A.S. Pushkin).
Veselov has been employed by the Kholui lacquer miniature factory since 1978. His major works: "Bear Comedy" (1990), "Spinning Wheel" (1990).
Works by Veselov V.M. are exhibited in the Kholui Craft Museum and in the State Historical Museum.
Victor Mikhailovich paints in the style of Kholui lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Themes of his works are various: historical scenes, folklore, landscape and architecture, but his favorite themes to depict are historical events and landscapes.
The artist thinks the most important stages in work are expression of images, choice of color scheme and representation of a theme. Beginning to paint a composition, he intends to create an interesting work. Finishes painting, when depicted images, coloring and the main idea of a chosen theme correspond to artist’s intention.
Victor likes to use in painting cold tones supplemented with bright silver and gold paints. He supposes distinguishing features of his artistic technique are thin painting resembling lace and peculiar coloring. On the average it takes him a month to paint a composition, but everything depends on a work’s size.
Veselov thinks his artworks are notable for peculiar technique, individual style and coloring. Works by such well-known artists as Belov V.A., Vasiliev F., Levitan I., Nesterov M. and Surikov V. had a great influence on his creative work.
In his free time Victor likes to paint water-colors.
The artist wishes to all people who love the art of lacquered miniature to enjoy acquired boxes.

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