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Vlasov Yevgeniy Alexandrovich (1967 - ...)  Click to play

Yevgeni Alexandrovich Vlosov was born in 1967 in the town of Ujur, which is located in the Krasnoyarski region of Northern Siberia. Vlosov attended the Kholuy Art School where he studied under Gurilyeov and Koznelsova before graduating in 1992. While attending the Kholuy Art School, Vlasov met his wife, Vlasova Svetlana Vladimirovna, a fellow classmate. They now reside in Uja, not far from the village of Kholuy.

The couple now combine their painting talents and make beautiful boxes together. They both share a passion for creating fairy-tale and romantic scenes, as well as scenes of pastoral life. Individually, each one has their work presented in the Khouly Art Museum. Vlosov's piece in the museum is entitled "Grimm's Fairy tales", and Vladimirovna 's piece is entitled, "Golden Goose".

Both artist consider their work complete after all of the gold work has been applied. They both love the look of a cold-blue color palette. In their opinion, it is very practical, since the color hardly ever changes,when the top coat of lacquer is applied, even if it has some yellow in it. So, the artwork always looks fresh with this color palette. They also love real-life natural colors. When creating a piece, the composition is base upon the contrast of a the lighter background, which is applied first, and the darker figures in the foreground. They have created their own style of metallic gold work.

In their spare time, the artists visit their friends. Vlosov loves to play computer games. He would like to some day design the characters, or scenery, for just such games. The artist wishes prosperity, happiness and good health for their collectors.

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