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Yakovlev Vladimir Ulyanovich (1947 - ...)  Click to play

Yakovlev Vladimir Ulyanovich was born on May 14, 1947 in the village of Kholuy, Ivanovo Region. Now he resides in the town of Ivanovo.

In 1966 the artist finished the Kholuy Art School where he studied under Bugaev V.P., Kukuliev G.A., Semenov A.I. and Kosterin K.V. His diploma work was a composition entitled “Flying Ship”.

At present Vladimir Ulyanovich works at the Kholuy Craft Workshops.

The artist paints in the style of Kholuy lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. He prefers to depict in his compositions themes of fairy-tales and architecture.

Vladimir Ulyanovich thinks the most important elements in his artworks are succulence of colors and quality of painting. Beginning to work on a new composition, he wants to paint it better and more quickly than all previous ones. Finishes working, after careful examining of a drawing and making different corrections.

The artist paints strictly keeping to the technology of Kholuy lacquered miniature art. He prefers to use in painting soft colors.

Vladimir Ulyanovich supposes his works are easily recognizable owing to peculiar miniature painting.

Works by such well-known Kholuy artists as Belov V.A., Baburin N.I., and Kiselev B.I. had a great influence on V.U. Yakovlev’s creative work.

Vladimir Ulyanovich wishes to all people who acquire goods of Kholuy lacquered miniature to be delighted with acquired boxes and to be proud of them.

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