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Yolkina Nadezhda Valentinovna (1958 - ...)  Click to play

Nadezhda Valentinovna Yolkina

Was born in 1958 in the village of Vasilievskoe in Ivanovo region. At present she lives in the village of Kholuy in Ivanovo region.

Nadezhda graduated from the Kholuy Fine Art School in 1979. Her teachers were N.N. Denisov and B.I. Kiseliov. Yolkina's diploma works was miniature "The Frog Princess".

Nadezhda Valentinovna works in the traditions of Kholuy miniature art, using tempera paints. Now the master works at the Kholuy Art Factory. In her artwork the author is interesting in the themes of fairy-tales, lyric subjects, architecture, and monasteries. The most successful art pieces by this painter are miniatures called "Suzdal", "The Tale of Fish and Fisherman", "The Tale of the Dead Tsarevna", "The Tale of Molodilnye Apples" and etc.

Her artwork was influenced by the painting of Kholuy artists especially by pieces of her husband V.A. Elkin and also by B.I. Kiseliov.

Yolkina considers that her personal technique is miniature painting with using of gold; her works differ from others by ornamental design with lights and gold.

Starting a new piece she wants to open a chosen theme and an image of its subject.

The work on a miniature is finished for the painter when a chosen theme is fully depicted.

In her free time Nadezhda likes to travel.

She wishes good mood of soul from acquired boxes to collectors of miniature art.

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