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Belova Ludmila Yuryevna (1968 - ...)  Click to play

Ludmila Yurievna Belova

Was born in 1968 in the village of Mstiora in Vladimir Region, where she resides nowadays.

She graduated from the Mstiora Vocational Art School in 1985. She then joined the Mstiora Miniature Art factory of "Proletarian Art" where she worked for over 10 years.

It wasn't until 1989 that she started painting her own themes. Now her works can be seen exhibited by this talented artist in Moscow and Nijniy Novgorod.

Belova believes her work has been most greatly influenced by Yevgeny Urin. A truly decorative artist, she loves to apply gold paint to her creations. As a specialist in ornamental and floral compositions, Belova uses "susal" gold (gold leafing) extensively in her artwork. In fact, gold is her primary color in painting, besides tempera.

Belova is interested in ornamental techniques, graphics and iconography. She considers the following elements to be very important in her artwork: miniature art, mixing of colors and detailed paintings with tempera and gold paint. Belova likes to work in soft tones, which harmonize with realistic floral colors. Belova has her own a huge arsenal of unique painting techniques. All boxes by Belova display extreme microscopic detail and overall decorative work that she has developed.

When Ludmila begins a new work, she tries to paint it more interesting then the last one, she focuses on the right decoration of a piece. The artist thinks her artwork stands out because of its thin detailing, the shapes of the boxes themselves as well as the quality of her work.

In free time Belova likes to hike in the woods with her family.

She wishes admirers of her artwork all the best.

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