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Berezhnaya Natalia Leonidovna (1966 - ...)  Click to play

Nataliya Leonidovna Berezhnaya

Was born in 1966 in the village of Mstiora in Vyaznikovsky Region (Vladimir Region), where she currently resides.

The painter graduated from the Mstera Art School in 1985, having obtained a distinction. Her teacher was Vera Georgievna Starkova.

In her artwork Nataliya uses tempera paints and gold leaf. Almost every year the artist creates a new author work. In fine arts she is interesting in ornamental design, and for the most part her works are painted on themes inspired from fairy-tales. Nataliya considers detailed painting with use of gold to be the most important aspect in her work. The artist likes to produce a piece using soft colors, and when she ascents one of them. Nataliya Leonidovna has her personal technique, painting on foil. Her works are distinguished by the style of decoration and by her "signature".

When the master begins a new piece, she aspires to design all a semi-finished product. Berezhnaya believes that collectors will certainly appreciate detailed painting, quality of decoration, as well as mixing of paints and colors in her artwork.

In her spare time Nataliya likes to travel.

To admirers of fine arts she wishes to keep up with creation of new works.

Berezhnaya of Mstera

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