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Berezhnoy Alexander Victorovich (1964 - ...)  Click to play

Alexander Victorovich Berezhnoy

Was born in the village of Neksikan in Magadan Region in 1964. But he currently resides in Mstiora in Vyaznikovsky Region (Vladimir Region).

In 1985 Alexander Victorovich finished the Mstera Art School, where he studied under V.G. Starkova and A.M. Ovchinnikiva.

The artist uses tempera technique in his works. In painting Alexander is interesting almost only in fairy-tales' themes.

Alexander prefers to use natural paints and colors to create artworks. Upon starting a new piece, he wants to keep traditional quality of copying. Shady elements of drawing are thought to be the most principal part of his work. The painter can consider a piece to be finished, when it has unity of all details and it is decorated in the best way.

It is easy to distinguish his works from others by the technique of their artistic accomplishment. Berezhnoy believes that collectors will most likely remember detailed painting, precise reproduction of chosen pattern, and the form and accomplishments of boxes themselves.

In free time Alexander likes to go fishing.

He wishes health and good luck to the admirers of his artwork.

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