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Borisova Valeria Yuryevna (1959 - ...)  Click to play

Valeriya Yurievna Borisova (Kuntsevich)

Was born in 1959 in the village of Mstiora where she lives at present.

Valeriya graduated from the Mstiora Art School in 1978, where she studied under V.A. Kupriyanov, N.F. Nekosov and L.A. Fomochiov. Her diploma was a miniature named "The Tale of the Merchant Kalashnikov".

Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1990.

The artist uses the technique of tempera painting in her artwork.

Borisova is a member of the Artists' Union. She works at the factory "Proletarian Art", at the Vladimir Art Graphics Institute and at the F.S. Moderov Mstiora School. Many of the master's art pieces are exhibited in the museums of Mstiora, Yaroslavl, and St. Petersburg. Valeriya is interested in themes of folk fairy-tales and A.S. Pushkin's works.

Works by L.A. Fomichiov and I.Y. Bibilin had a great influence on Borisova's painting. She also has her personal techniques: untraditional imposition of layers of paints and graphics.

When the artist begins a new piece, she tries to attain unity of colors, tones, and entirety of coloring. The work on a miniature is done when all colors accord with the tone. Intensity of representation of a chosen theme is the most important element for the master in her work. So, her pieces differ from others by serious approach to selection of themes.

In her free time Valeriya likes to read, to draw, to listen to classical music and to watch "Culture" channel.

The artist would like everyone to go to the museums more frequently and to be careful with things they acquire; she wishes good health and the best of luck to collectors!

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