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Frolov Oleg Vyacheslavovich (1963)

Frolov Oleg Vyacheslavovich was born in 1963 in the village of Mstera, where he resides at present.
In 1986 the artist finished the Mstera Art School. His teachers were Ovchinnikova Antonina Mikhailovna and Kurchatkin Vladimir Anatolievich. The graduation project of Frolov O.V. included a casket "The Lay of Igor's Campaign".
At present Oleg works at the Mstera factory of miniature painting. He paints his works with tempera paints in the style of Mstera lacquered miniature. Themes of his works are fairy-tales and bylinas.
When the artist makes a copy, he intends to achieve maximum similarity with an original. On average it takes him from a day to a month to finish working on a box.
Oleg thinks his works can be easily recognizable owing to technique and style of painting.
Painting of Mstera artists Vavanov Yu.M. and Moshkovich V.K and Palekh artist Kochupalov A.D had a great influence on the artist's creative work.
Frolov O.V. is married and has a son. His great-grandfather was an icon painter and his father was a lacquer miniature painter who also worked at the Mstera factory of miniature painting.
Oleg decided to be an artist at the age of sixteen when he saw ancient icons in the house of his grandmother.
To all enthusiasts of lacquered miniature painting the artist wishes the following: "Let's understand and appreciate the art of lacquered miniature! It's painstaking and hard labor!"

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