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Grachev Andrey Georgievich (1965 - ...)  Click to play

Grachev Andrey Georgievich was born in 1965 in the town of Gorkiy. Now he resides in the village of Mstera, Vladimir Region.

In 1926 the artist finished the Mstera Art School. Continued his education in the Pedagogical University where he studied at the art and graphic faculty. Graduated from the Pedagogical University in 1994. His teachers were Lebedev Yu.A., Korotkov N.A. His diploma work was a composition “Tsar Boris and a foolish”.

A.G. Grachev’s creative works are “It’s good to be a Casanova” (2000), “Dear people, I’m flying” (2000), “Is there life on Mars” (2000), “Delusion” (2001), “From the other world” (2001).

At present Grachev A.G. works as a teacher at the Mstera Art and Industrial School. He is also a member of the Russian Union of Artists and a member of the Mstera branch of the Russian Union of Artists.

Works by Grachev A.G. are kept in the private collections.

Andrey Georgievich paints his works in the style of Mstera lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Beginning to work, he always intends to paint a composition better than all previous ones.

While painting a composition, the artist tries to find the colors that will help him to reflect his own comprehension of a chosen theme. His main task in work is finding his individual approach in a theme’s representation.

The artist uses in work such painting techniques as “lessirovka” and “plav”. He thinks it’s easy to recognize his compositions owing to original themes, complex foreshortenings of figures and untraditional execution. In his opinion people will appreciate his works for themes, coloring and quality of painting. On the average it takes him from 10 days to 2 months to paint a composition.

Andrey Georgievich devotes much effort to painting a miniature and that’s why he likes all his works.

Works by icon painters of the 17-18 centuries and Russian painting of the 18-20 centuries had a great influence on the artist’s creative work.

A.G. Grachev’s father, Grachev G.V., was the chief artist at the “Proletarian Art” factory. He could infuse his son love for painting that’s why Andrey Georgievich has chosen his profession not accidentally.

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