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Komogorov Kostantin Gennadievich (1971)

Komogorov Konstantin Gennadievich was born in 1971 in Moscow where he resides at present.
His teacher was his wife - Koshcheeva Svetlana .
The artist works at home. He paints his works in the style of mixture between Kholui and Mstera lacquered miniature, using tempera paints. Themes of his works are Russian fairy-tales.
Works by Komogorov are kept in private collections world-wide.
Konstantin thinks the most important components in a lacquered miniature are decoration and singularity of a subject. Beginning to paint, he intends to reflect in his composition a chosen subject as he imagines it. Finishes working, when the composition is completely finished and he may sign it.
The artist paints his compositions in contrast tones, applying his personal painting techniques. It takes him different periods of time to paint a composition, on the average it takes him from a week to a month to finish his work completely.
Works by such famous artists as Dobrin, Karlov and Dmitriev(Kholui) had a great influence the artist's creative work.
In his free time Konstantin likes to read and go shopping.
To all enthusiasts of lacquered miniature art the artist wishes health and financial prosperity.

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