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Kozlov Vladimir Vladimirovich (1964 - ...)  Click to play

Vladimir Valerievich Kozlov

Born in 1964 in the village of Mstiora in Vladimir region, where he currently lives.

Vladimir graduated from the Mstiora Art College in 1983, where he studied under Antonina Michailovna Ovchinnikova.

The master uses tempera art technique, he prefers to work in traditional ochre and blue color range (not simply blue!). He is interesting in painting on themes of Russian history, bylinas, fairy-tales, and religion.

Vladimir considers that the most essential aspect in his work is to try to keep purity of an original idea. As a painter, starting a new piece, Kozlov sets a goal to create an absolute masterpiece, and sometimes he just wants to jest. Work on a miniature is finished for him when further painting won't do it better.

Kozlov has lots of personal art techniques, and he is going to invent much more! His works differ from others by his signature: Kozlov V.V. The author hopes admirers of his art will remember detailed painting, precision of drawing, themes, colors, and quality of their execution.

In his spare time Vladimir likes to drink beer with his friends.

He would like admirers of his artwork to continue to follow and to appreciate his miniatures.

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