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Medvedeva Antonina Konstantinovna (1952)  Click to play

Antonina Konstantinovna Medvedava was born in 1952 in the town of Lukyanov of Niznegorod region. She attended the Mstera Art School 1973, where she studied under Vasiliy Ivanovich Korsakov. Korsakov himself was chairman of the "Proletarian Art" Artel for two years before becoming its leading artist in 1948. He also held the position of chairman of Mstera's Applied Art Department. (For more information about Korsakov, see The Art of Mstiora: Catalogue of Mstiora Art Museum Exhibits, pg. 197.

Medvedava is most well known for her pieces entitled, " Twelve Months"(1973), "Once on the eve of the Epiphany"(1974), "Song about merchant Kalashnikov" (1985). The themes of her lacquer art reflect her interest in Russian folktales. Her works are distinguishable by color palette. She prefers to work with a cool color palette. She strives to make her work appealing and pleasing to the eye, and considers a piece done, when the picture captures her imagination and draws her in. She uses many personal painting techniques to achieve this goal.

Medvedava currently resides in Mstera. In her spare time, she likes to take care of her house and to read. She wishes all the best to the collectors of her art.

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