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Molodkin Denis Vladimirovich (1971)  Click to play

Molodkin Denis Vladimirovich was born in 1971 in the village of Mstera, Vladimir Region.
He comes from a family of the artists. His father, Molodkin Vladimir, his brothers Molodkin Danila and Nikolay and his mother Molodkina Nina are well-known Mstera artists.
In 1991 the artist finished Mstera Art School. His teacher was Nekosov Vladislav Fedorovich. The graduation project of Molodkin Denis was the box “The Kulikov battle”.
The artist joined the USSR Union of Artists in 1993.
At present Denis teaches at the Mstera Art School.
The artist paints his works in the traditions of Mstera lacquered miniature using tempera paints. Themes of his works are various but most of all he likes to depict Russian fairy-tales.
Working on a lacquered miniature, Denis devotes much attention to compositional structure and technique of painting. Beginning to paint a box, he intends to create an original, beautiful and interesting work.
Besides the traditions of Mstera lacquered miniature the artist uses in work his own technique of painting. The choice of colors depends on a chosen theme. On the average it takes him 1-6 month to finish working on a lacquered miniature.
Denis Molodkin thinks his creativity was influenced by the works of his father, Molodkin Vladimir, Holland and Italian painting and Russian icon painting of XV, XVII centuries.
In his free time Denis likes to go outdoors—mostly hunting, but also fishing and Mushroom gathering.

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