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Moshkovich Alexander Vladimirovich (1970 - ...)  Click to play

Alexander Vladimirovich Moshkovich was born in 1970 in the village of Mstera, where he currently resides. He is the son of the famous Mstera artist Vladimir Moshkovich. Alexander completed the Mstera Art School in 1991. His teachers were V.F. Nekosov and V.N. Molodkin.

Moshkovich is interested in a variety of subjects for his art. His original works include:

"Riding on Troikas" (1997)
"Seven Semeons" (1996)
"The Spinning Wheel" (1998)
"Scarlet Flower" (1998)
"Going for Berries" (1998)
"Vasilisa the Beautiful" (1999)
...and others.

In 1990, Moshkovich earned the silver medal for his work in the National Exposition of Folk Art. He considers the drawing and the color choices to be the important elements of his works. He considers a piece completed when all its components are fulfilled and there is nothing left to add. His color palette changes depending on the subject of his chosen composition, which he paints with his own personal techniques.

His works can be distinguished from others by his unique drawing sytle. Alexander feels that admirers of his work should remember his pieces for their precise execution, fine lines, and color.

In his free time, Alexander likes to go fishing. He hopes that admirers of his work will grow to love the art form of lacquer miniature.

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