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Moshkovich Vladimir Kopelievich (1946)

Moshkovich Vladimir Kopelievich was born in village of Paustovo of the Vladimir region in 1946. He attended the Mstera Art School, where he studied under Ekaterina Zonina until he graduated in 1963. His graduating work was entitled "Geologists" (1963). He gained the position of Master artist at the Proletarian Art Factory in 1963, and is currently still one of Mstera's leading artists!
Vladimir has participated in many exhibitions, including the recent celebration of the 200-year anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin, which took place in 1999 in Moscow.
Moshkovich was awarded the jubilee medal, issued at the 100-year anniversary of the birth of Lenin. He has been an art exhibition participant since 1967 and a member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1990.
Mochkovich's works are displayed in the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, the Museum of the Mstera Factory of Miniature Art, the Historical Museum in Moscow, and others, as well as numerous catalogs of miniature art. Among these, his name is mentioned in the Lucy Maxim catalog published in 1981.
The themes of pastoral life, fairytales, bylini, and songs interest Moshkovich in his painting. He considers that applied art is collective, which is why his art is influenced by his teachers, and by the works of his fellow artists whom he meets at various exhibitions.
Vladimir loves to go fishing in his free time in summer.

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