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Rachkov Sergey Yuryevich (1966 - ...)  Click to play

Rachkov Sergey Yurievich was born in 1966 in the village of Mstera where he currently resides now.

In 1986 the artist graduated from the Mstera Art School. His teacher was Starkova V.G.

S.Yu. Rachkov's author works include "Peter I", "Nikolay II".

The artist paints in the style of Mstera lacquer miniature using egg-tempera paints.

Sergey Yurievich prefers to paint portraits. He thinks thinness of painting is the most important element in his artworks. Upon beginning to paint a new composition the artist intends to create a precisely painted portrait. Finishes his on a composition after detailing it with gold.

The artist applies in work his personal painting methods. He usually paints his compositions in warm tones.

Sergey Yurievich supposes his artworks are recognizable by color treatment and gold detailing. He believes people will remember in his compositions finesse and precision of painting and original execution.

In his free time the artist is engaged with gardening.

Sergey Yurievich wishes all the best to her admires and she hopes they will order more boxes.

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