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Serebriakov Ivan Alexeevich (1888 - 1967)  Click to play

Ivan Serebryakov was born in Smerkino of the Ivanovo region in 1888.

Not bound by any one school, or expression of art, this icon painter, miniaturist and teacher began his career by studying at the Palekh Icon-Painting School and finished by initiating the founding of the Mstera Art Museum. After studying icon painting went on to work in Moscow and Kholuy icon-painting studios. He also painted murals for churches during this time.

Serebryakov achieved many personal accomplishments and contributed much to his field during his career as an artist. He became chairman of the Mstera Painting and Embroidery Artel from 1922 to 1923. He co-founded the Proletarian Art Artel of which he became the leading artist. He mastered Papier-mache painting techniques at the art department labs of the Handicrafts Museum in Moscow in 1931. Serebryakov didn't begin participating in art exhibitions until 1933. His participation in the 1937 Paris World's Fair gained him the gold medal prize. Serebryakov rounded out his vibrant career by becoming a teacher of miniature painting techniques at the Mstera Vocational Art School from 1932 to 1941. It was also during this time that he became a member of the USSR Union of Artists.


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