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Sukhov Sergey Nikolaevich (1964 - ...)  Click to play

Sukhov Sergey Nikolayevich was born in 1964 in Mstera which is located in the Vladimirsky region and he currently resides there.

In 1986 Sergey graduated from the Mstera Art School under L.A.Demidova.

Sukhov works in the traditional style of Mstera lacquer miniature. He uses egg-tempera paint.

He is interested in depicting history subjects, architecture and fairy-tales. Sukhov's author works are:
"Inhabitants of Vladimir meet Alexander Nevsky" (1992),
"Poteshny fleet under Peter 1" (regiment of boy-soldiers under Peter 1) 1995),
"The Cathedral of Christ Rescuer" (1997),
"Golden gates of Vladimir" (1998) and many others.
Sergey considers that the most important elements in his works are drawing and coloring. He always wants to create a piece better than previous. The master prefers to work with warm and deep colors.

Sukhov has his individual devices in painting. His works are notable for subtle graphic technique, clear composition, interesting subjects and qualified execution.

In his spare time Sergey likes to go fishing and to walk in forest.

The artist wishes good health to all his admires.

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