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Yevdokimova Elena Alekseevna (1967 - ...)  Click to play

Born in Mstera in 1967, this talented artist was brought up living and breathing Mstera art. She graduated from the Mstera Art School in 1986 at the tender age of 19.

She paints using egg-tempera and likes to draw her thematic material from fairy tales and stories. Some of her Artist's Original works include: Princess Frog, Sadko, Tsar Saltan, Golden Cockerel, Tale of the Gray Wolf, and many others.

She works very hard year in and year out to improve her artistic abilities. In her work she feels that the most important element are her figures. She always tries to bring out new and unique characteristics in her work, and thinks about this extensively while preparing to start a new work. Execution and theme are crucial elements in her work, she thinks, along with her usage of color and drawings, that make her pieces stand out from others.

When she isn't painting she likes to work around the house, and continually improve her life. To all of her fans, and to those who have her works in their collections, she wishes that her works bring a new found joy into their lives.

This material has been compiled through's personal contact with the artist in an interview and from a questionairre she filled out.

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