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Zhigalov Yuriy Alexandrovich (1955 - ...)  Click to play

Yuriy Alexandrovich Zhigalov

Was born in 1955 in the village of Mstiora in Vladimir region, where he resides at present.

Yuriy graduated from the Mstiora Art School in 1974, he studied under E.N. Zonina and N.D. Dmitriev. Zhigalov, as a specialist in floral compositions, uses tempera art technique and gold leaf in his artwork.

Yuriy Alexandrovich produced some author works that were participants of various exhibitions all over Russia: "Ringing Summer" (1987), "Tender Tune" (1987), a spectacle-case "Smile" (1987), a tea-caddy "Fabulous Dream" (1988), "How can I not Love this Land" (1987), "Gold Ornament" (1990), "This Wonderful World" (1989), "Tender Evening" (1989), and "Gold Tune" (1999).

Ten miniatures by the painter have received the first prizes.

Zhigalov is interested in painting of birds, black currant berries, botanical flora and fauna.

He thinks the most important element in his work is choosing the color scheme of a miniature drawing, and considers his work to be finished, when his art flair dictates it (usually there is something to add). Yuriy Alexandrovich works with different colors, but prefers a warm color palette. His miniatures differ from others by its thin gold scrollwork and by the fine technique of execution.

The artist believes it is easy to remember detailed painting, themes, colors, paints, and overall quality of his compositions.

In free time Zhigalov likes to go fishing.

To admirers of lacquer miniatures he wishes to form their taste and to purchase the high class works.

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