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Akimova(Kolesnik)Inna Vyacheslavovna (1962)

Akimova (Kolesnik) Inna Vyacheslavovna was born in 1962 in the town of Kaluga. Now she resides in the village of Palekh.
In 1989 the artist finished the Palekh Art School. Her teachers were Kolesnik Sergey (husband) and Lekomtsev Boris (friend of a family) The diploma work of Akimova was a casket “Vasilisa the Beautiful”.
At present Inna works at home. She paints her compositions in the style Palekh lacquered miniature using tempera paints. Themes of her works are fairy-tales, genre scenes and folklore.
The artist thinks that lyricism is the most important element in her works. Beginning to paint a new composition she intends to realize all ideas that she imagines.
The artist prefers to use in work calm tones. Quite often she applies in painting her personal artistic methods.
Works of such Palekh miniature painters as Kolesnik Sergey(Palekh) and Kozlova Nataliya(Palekh) had a great influence on the artist's creative works.
Besides painting Inna takes a great interest in music and works as a teacher in Palekh Music School.
Inna wishes to all enthusiasts of lacquered miniature to get more Palekh lacquer boxes to enlarge their collections.
Works by Kolesnik Inna are kept in private collections in Russia, Holland and the USA.

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