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Bakanov Alexander Grigoryevich (1910 - 1979)  Click to play

Bakanov Alexander Grigorievich

was born in 1910 in the village of Palekh and died in this place in 1979.

This artist studied at the educational workshops of the Committee of Russian Icon-Painting Guardianship (1914-1918). After that he entered the Belousovs' workshop, where he was taught Palekh Art by I.I. Zubkov. Alexander Grigorievich was a member of the Artel of Ancient Painting since 1928; his masters were such gifted veteran artists as I.M. Bakanov and N.M. Zinoviev. Alexander Grigorievich Bakanov was the chairman of Palekh Artists' Partnership (1938-1941), director of Palekh artistic-and-industrial studios (1954-1971).

The master was interested in painting themes of literature, history, hunting and genre scenes ("Red Army Soldier in the Village", "Dancing", "Spinner", "Near the Fence").

Bakanov's works have been exhibited since 1932 in the State Museum of Palekh Art, Ivanovo Regional State Museum, Zagorsk State Historic and Art Museum-Park.

Reference: page 290 of Feoktistova T.E., 1999, "OGI", Moscow, 5-900241-63-7 ,

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