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Bakanov Ivan Mikhailovich (1870 - 1936)  Click to play

Bakanov Ivan Mikhailovich was awarded the Merited Art Worker in 1935. Born in 1870 in the village of Palekh, he was a master of highly intricate and monumental compositions incorporating numerous human and animal figures against fantastic landscapes, as well as being a subtle colorist and connoisseur of Old Russian painting. Bakanov studied under master V. Belyaev at the artistic-and-industrial studio of N.M. Safonov (1880-1886).

Ivan Mikhailovich has been working at this studio for about 34 years. The master also served in the military from 1891-1895, and later during the Russian-Japan War (1904-1905). From 1914 to 1918 he taught the art of icon painting at the educational workshops of the Committee of Russian Icon-Painting Guardianship. Bakanov also took part in restoration of the Annunciation Cathedral's frescoes in the Kremlin, the Novodevichy Cloister in Moscow, the house church of Grand Duchess Kseniya in Moscow, the Princes' Halls in Kostroma, the cathedrals and churches in Novgorod and Vladimir, and frescoes of the Hall of Facets. This artist was one of the founders of the Artel of Ancient Painting. The main subjects of his productions are folklore, literature, history, and genre scenes. He produced the famous miniatures "Bakhchisaraysky Fountain", "Down Mother Volga", "The Girl with Storks", "The Demonstration of Women", "Reading-Room", "Along the Road-way", "Palekh", "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel", and "We Braked and Scutched our Fief".

His works have been exhibited since 1924. Bakanov's art pieces are displayed in the State Museum of Palekh Art, Folk Art Museum, Zagorsk State Museum-Park of History and Art, Ivanovo Regional Arts Museum, State Tretiyakov Gallery, A.S. Pushkin Museum, State Arts Museum (Nizhny Novgorod), and State Museum-Park "Tarchany".

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