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Baldenkov Alexander (1872 - 1928)  Click to play

Alexander Baldenkov (1872-1928) a talented artist; painted faces on icons and murals; took part in the Revolution; took to drink; left behind some autobiographical notes and poems (17) E. Vikhrev began his story about the artist from the place of the last favewell: "If you stand by the grave of someone dear to you or by the grave of a person who deserves immortal glory, it is not of his remains that you will think. His whole life will pass before your eyes. And no matter how insignificant the man was in his life he will seem to you at his grave the main character in a life story, while all other people, no matter how powerful and famous they actually were, will be- come of minor importance to you... Before my eyes passes the life of a person whom I did not know well enough and who lacks much to gain eternal glory. Despite this I would like to tell you about this poor, very poor and unhappy man." In conclusion he writes: "... How many differ- ent people were combined in the one person and failed together to form a complete or great whole! Why, then, did I choose to write about him? My doubts soon disappear though. Every human life is, 1 think, an inimitable story and why not write at least once about a most ordinary human being? And moreover, my thoughts continue, how many poor geniuses, great men doomed to petty destinies do we meet in our lifetimes! How many Baldenkovs burn themselves out unbeknownst to others in the wilds of Russia! They are blazing fires and in the light of their ruined lives people learn to look more carefully and more honestly at each other." "... I believed only in paints and worshipped the great human ability to make them come alive; my heart whispered to me that God had nothing to do with it... Why then did I spare no efforts to make other people believe in God?" A. Baldenkov

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