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Baranov Alexander Sergeyevich (1902 - 1938)  Click to play

Alexander Sergeevich Baranov was born in 1902 in the village Dyagilevo in the Vladimir Province, where he was buried in 1938.

This artist studied at the educational worships of the Committee of Russian Icon-Painting Guardianship (1914-1917). After that he entered the Belousovs' workship. I.I. Zubkov taught Alexander Sergeevich icon-painting art. Baranov studied at the Artel of Ancient Painting under N.M. Zunoviev. Alexander Sergeevich copied pieces of I.I. Golikov, I.M. Bakanov, I.P. Vakurov, D.N. Butorin, who had all produced outstanding works.

The main themes of his artwork are folklore, literature, hunting and genre scenes. The titles of works by Baranov include "Demons", "Insurrection", "Handicraft", "The Capercaillie Hunting", and "Ruslan and Ludmilla". His works are exhibited in the State Museum of Palekh Art, Zagorsk State Historic and Art Museum-Park, A.M. Gorky Museum, and A.S. Pushkin Museum.

Reference: page 190 of Pirogova L., 1994, "PALEKH HISTORY AND MODERN TIME", ISKUSSTVO, ROSKNIGA, Moscow, ISBN 5-210-01301-4

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