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Bazhenov Pavel Dmitriyevich (1904 - 1941)  Click to play

Bazhenov Pavel Dmitreevich

was born in 1904 in the village of Podolino near Palekh into an icon-painter's family.

In 1941 he perished at the front. He was sent to study at the Palekh School of Icon-Painting in 1915. But after the Revolution in 1917, the School was closed down. Pavel returned home and became a shepherd. However, he did not give up drawing. And in 1926 Bazhenov admitted to the Artel of Ancient Painting as its first apprentice under the guidance of I.I. Golikov and I.M. Bakanov. His apprenticeship did not last long... Golikov looked at the first copies and exclaimed joyously: "Why am I teaching you, Pavlusha? You already understand everything you need to know without my help. Go on painting whatever you want and whatever you know..." Pavel Dmitreevich did monumental, porcelain, illustration, and theatrical scene painting (plays in Leningrad Puppet-Theatre, 1937; "Ruslan and Ludmilla", "The Tale of the Priest and his Worker Balda" in Bolshy Theatre, 1940; production of the animated cartoon, "The Tale of the Fish and Fisherman", 1935-1936).

He paints on the themes of folklore, literature, and genre scenes. Titles of his best known work include "Water-sprite", "Black Horse", "Gavrilliada", "Double", "Amusement", "Dream", "Mother", "Beer in the Village", "Outdoors", "Buffalo's Attack", "On the Watch", " Tiger Hunting ", "Oleg Parts with his Horse", "Spinner", "Dance", "Smart Fellow Merchant", "Fairy", "Faun and Mermaid", "Churilo Plenkovich", and "Naughty Child".

Such Bazhenov's works have been exhibited since 1929. And the works can be seen in the State Museum of Palekh Art in Moscow, Museum of folk Arts, Zagorsk Historic and Art Museum, Ivanovo Regional Art Museum, State Religion and Atheism Museum, State Art Museum (Nizhny Novgorod).

Reference: page 290 of Feoktistova T.E., 1999, "OGI", Moscow, 5-900241-63-7 ,

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